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    Hide and Treat Bone Large


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     Hide and Treat Bone Large Empty Hide and Treat Bone Large

    Post by ShoPerfection on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:26 am

    (Play-Time) Hide and Treat Bone Large

    Designed to encourage interactive play, stimulating your pet mentally and promoting exercise.


    - Add treats. Wrap. Hide.

    - Hide and retrieve game fun for you and your dog.

    - Just unroll the bone,

    - Place a treat in one of the pockets (3 pockets)

    - Wrap the bone back up,

    - Go hide the bone,

    - Now let your dog find and fetch the bone for the reward.

    - Use with dry food or treats.

    - This is not a chew toy.

    - Hand wash only.

    - Outer material 100% natural cotton with reinforced seams.

    - Separate inner bag for stuffing.

    - Approximate length: 27cm.
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