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    MyPhones Volume-limiting Headphones for Kids


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    MyPhones Volume-limiting Headphones for Kids

    Post by ShoPerfection on Sun Jan 16, 2011 2:36 am

    (GRIFFIN) MyPhones Volume-limiting Headphones for Kids


    - 30mm drivers in a custom designed shell for true sound reproduction.

    - Sits comfortably on your kids’ ears and fits snug with soft washable ear pads.

    - MyPhones uses a built-in, always-on sound-control circuit to cap peak
    volume levels at 85 decibels.

    - Mix and match MyPhones’ earcaps, or make your own

    - Carrying case is customizable — you can use one of the provided
    decorative inserts, or create your very own.

    - Durable and adjustable.

    - Contains:
    1 x MyPhones headphones
    10 earphone inserts (6 plastic and 4 paper)
    3 case inserts
    1 reusable carry case
    1 x Parent's guide

    - Manufacturers Warranty.

    To buy these items order at our website

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