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    Noise Cancelling Stereo Earphones (RP-HC55)


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    Noise Cancelling Stereo Earphones (RP-HC55)

    Post by ShoPerfection on Sun Jan 16, 2011 2:25 am

    (Panasonic) Noise Cancelling Stereo Earphones (RP-HC55)


    - Reduces outside nose by 88% (18dB) at 200Hz.

    - Compact pen-type design.

    - Cords holder for tangle-free storage in supplied carrying pouch.

    - Clips to clothing for more carefree usage.

    - Small, medium and large ear pads along with plug adaptor for aircraft included.

    - Driver units: 9mm.

    - Impedance: 103ohm.

    - Frequency response: 10Hz-26kHz.

    - Plug: 3.5mm.

    - Manufacturers Guarantee.

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