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    iPhone Stereo Headset (Black) (HA-KX100-B)


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    iPhone Stereo Headset (Black) (HA-KX100-B)

    Post by ShoPerfection on Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:34 am

    (JVC) iPhone Stereo Headset (Black) (HA-KX100-B)

    - High Definition and Dynamic Sound with Micro-HD
    Driver Unit.

    - Microphone and switch function.

    - Excellent sound isolation with MICRO-HD driver.

    - MICRO-HD driver units sits in the ear canals, and
    provides high definition sound directly to the ear
    without fiffused reflection.

    - Multi-function remote control.

    - Slimline microphone for iPhone calls.

    - Mic button provides music playback operation.

    - Driver stays in ear for high definition, dynamic

    - Comfortable and secure fitting.

    - Soft rubber cushion.

    - 3-size silicon ear pieces.

    - 1.0m friction noise reduction cord.

    - Gold-plated iPod/iPhone compatible jack.

    - Carry pouch included.


    - Frequency response: 10Hz - 24,000Hz.

    - Sensitivity: 103dB/1mW

    - Cord length: 1.0m (3.28ft)

    - Microphone: Directional

    - Microphone Sensitivity: -44dB (0dB=1V/Pa)

    - Instruction Guide.

    - Manufacturers Guarantee.

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