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    Lithium Camera Battery CR-V3


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    Lithium Camera Battery CR-V3

    Post by ShoPerfection on Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:40 am

    (Panasonic) Lithium Camera Battery CR-V3

    Power up your camcorders, digital cameras, portable DVD players, cordless telephones and tools with Panasonic's replacement battery packs. For power you can count on, depend on Panasonic.

    Package Information ;

    - Battery Type: CRV3 Lithium Battery

    - Batteries per Pack: 1

    - Pack Weight (g): 50.800

    - Individual Battery Data (CRV3 Lithium Battery)
    The CR-V3 battery is the answer to the ever-increasing demands for power in portable devices, especially digital cameras. Its shape is designed to match the space occupied by a pair of AA size batteries held next to each other.

    - This - by design - allows many cameras to run with either a pair of AA batteries or a single CR-V3. Because it uses Lithium chemistry to store electricity, a CR-V3 is also likely to outperform a pair of AA batteries, e.g. when counting the number of pictures taken with a single set of batteries.

    - Technology: Lithium (Single Use)

    - Volt: 3.000

    - Milliamperehours: 3000.000

    - Height (mm): 52.000

    - Width (mm): 28.000

    - Depth (mm): 14.000

    - Weight (g): 39.000

    - Compatibility

    - Replacement for: CR-V3, CRV3, KCRV3, LB-01, LB-O1, LB01, LB01E, LBO1, LBO1E

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