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    Power Monkey


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    Power Monkey

    Post by ShoPerfection on Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:47 am

    (Power Traveller) Power Monkey

    The Powermonkey charger is the essential travel companion providing portable power for your gadgets when you need it most.

    A way from home, on an important business trip or on holiday and you've left your mains charger at home!

    Simply use the included mains adaptor to fully charge the PowerMonkey and you will get up to 96 hours standby on your mobile phone, 40 hours on your iPod, 6 hours on your Sony PSP, 2 full charges on your PDA plus it's original charge and up to 1600 pictures on your digital camera!

    The Powermonkey will even hold its charge without leakage for up to a year!


    - The lightest most versatile charger.

    - Emergency power in your pocket.

    - 10 times more powerful than a conventional battery.

    - Up to 1 year standy charge.

    - Will work in over 150 countries.

    - Interchangeable heads for UK, US, Australia and Europe.

    - Small, agile and powerful.

    - Up to 96 Hours Standby(mobile phone).

    - 40 Hours (iPod).

    - 6 Hours on (Sony PSP).


    - Capacity: 22000mAh.

    - Input Interface: DC 3.5 x 1.3

    - Input Voltage: SV 500mA

    - Output Interface: D3.5 x 1.1

    - Output Max Current: 1.2A

    - Dimensions: 88 x 39 x 37mm


    - 1 x Powermonkey charging unit.

    - 1 x Universal mains charger which will work in over 150
    countries and has interchangeable heads for UK, US,
    Australia & Europe.

    - Nokia & Mini Nokia, Motorola V series, Samsung A288,
    Siemens C25 and Sony Ericsson wide connector.

    - 1 x mini USB for Motorola Razr V series, Blackberry and
    bluetooth headsets.

    - 1 x USB for iPod, smart phones, PDA and other devices.

    - 1 x connector for Sony PSP and most digital cameras.

    - 1 x black travel pouch.

    To buy these items order at our website

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